Take Action on the Phair Pricing Act of 2019 - H.R.1034/S.640

Encourage your Federal Representatives to support the bipartisan Phair Pricing Act (H.R.1034/S.640). This newly introduced legislation is written to lower the cost of prescription medications in Medicare Part D to ensure patients receive the lowest negotiated price at the point of sale. The legislation would require all price concessions, incentive payments and price adjustments negotiated between a pharmacy and a PBM or prescription drug plan (PDP) sponsor be included and passed on at the point of sale for patients with Medicare prescription drug coverage. H.R.1034 and S.640 would also direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to establish a pharmacy working group to develop quality measures that apply to pharmacy dispensers.

To see if your legislators have cosponsored the Phair Pricing Act of 2019 (H.R.1034/S.640), please click here for your U.S. House Representative, and click here for your U.S Senator. 

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